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Self Balancing Board Scooter vs Hover Board vs Swegway – the NEXGBOARD

You must have come across some teenagers’s gliding around your side of the city on one of the most sceptic riding scooters, that looked completely like some Aladdin’s flying carpet inspired technology which, gives the liberty to the rider to ride without any steering, without any breaks or clutches. Yes, that is not at all any hallucination or prank if you might have wondered, it is true! welcome to the next generation of mobility.the Classic Series Nexgboard G6 Blue Benz Product Image

The self balancing board scooter, a technology that has taken the riding and travelling devices to a whole new enticing era. These scooters have already created a fanatic fiasco due to its in-dependency that it provides to its riders. Imagine riding a scooter that has micro sensors to sense your feet movement to help you move around where ever you want to go? Crazy and amazing. Well, this is what has made this scooter among one of the most hot seller products of the year 2015.the Original Series Nexgboard G6n Gold Colour Benz Product Image

As soon as the self balancing board get viral in the middle of 2015, every single person from celebrity to commoner went bonkers over it completely drooling on it. However, no one has guessed what this scooter is actually called. It goes around with different local names that people and companies have given it. These generic names include mini segway, swegway, hands free segway, glide board, hover board, electric scooter, self balance board or more conveniently called just “ride-able”. So the next time anybody asks you what this amazing technology is called you can simply tell any personalised name that you might want to give to this ride-able. They are more commonly called hover boards, which these ride-able are not exactly, as hover boards are just some highly exclusive prototypes that are made specifically on demand.

Amid all the nomenclature confusion, the name still is a necessity that should be fulfilled in order to lease some prime importance to any product. You would not like anybody to call you a stranger or somebody or that guy as you have a personality and existence that is unique from all the other people and so you are introduced to the world by a name. The similar equation goes around with the technology. We believe that name is the identity of the product that helps that product to burgeoning and get accepted in the ever expanding techno market. Therefore, we would like to proudly present, the NEXGBOARD.

The ”NEXGBOARD” is the name of quality, affordability and trust. This name is given to the self balancing board scooter which is a signature of quality service and top quality product with 100% CE marking and British standard approved. In today’s market name is the magnet which draws a customer to buy a product and it is not give product name just for the sake of it, names likeSelf Balance Board NEXGBOARD LogoNEXGBOARD have come with quality product and moreover with quality after-sale customer service.

You might get your ear struck by a wave of grapevine that if these self balance boards come in cheap prices, then it is most likely that they are compromised on quality. However, the NEXGBOARD is an example of cost efficiency and best quality in itself. Our customers which have bought from us have shown their complete trust on our product and that is our sole driving force. To survive in such a tough techno market where a customer has 1000 options to look forward to, nobody can risk the trust of its already existing customers. We are growing because of you and we would continue to provide you with the prime.

Our 12 month warrantywarranty is also one of the hallmarks that assure our customer support and trust. So get your NEXGBOARD now and snatch away all the limelight and free yourself from the shackles of riding a scooter with a steering handle. As seen on TV! CBBC, Doctor Who, Britain’s Got Talent, XFactor, and rode by The Vamps, Brooklyn Beckham & others, it’s your turn to join the next generation of mobility. Choose between the XtremeSports series X8, the Classic series G6, the Original series G6n without bluetooth, or the Monster Class G10. We offer NEXGBOARD in a range of colours so you’ll always be travelling in style. Give us a call right now at 0121 7070070 and we would be at your service immediately.

Happy NEXGBOARD shopping!