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Safety Issues with Self Balance Hover Board

First thing first, we would like to assure the prospective purchaser and our existing customers that our Self Balance Hover Board the NEXGBOARD Collection are verified and tested by world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. – So go ahead and buy with Confidence!

Self-Balance Board Scooter is an amazing and absolute fun and excitement device to have, but recently there are some social media news regarding number of issues with this type of product, in particular the plug, the lead and the overcharging of the unit. We are aware of that, and we are fully understand the concerns, therefore, we would like to issue this statement in regards to the safety of our hover board products.

We are committed to make sure the highest level of safety for our customers and have established protection measures to ensure that all of our products gone through safety verification and testing before available for distribution.

Please rest assured that the NEXGBOARDS are fully compliance with CE, National and Local Trading Standards requirements. Nowadays, UK National Trading Standard strictly enforce the requirements of independent third party certification. Only companies who have addressed concerns by demonstrating the safety of the product by performing safety risk assessments, testing and certification of the product compliance through third party, are having their Hoverboards released for sale and distribution in the United Kingdom.

We can confirm that all of our products are not, nor have they ever been, the subject of social media stories about hoverboards catching fire. NEXGBOARD products have not been involved in any of these incidents.

If you need further information or help please don’t hesitate to send us a message or call us directly at 0121 7070070. Or you can also get in touch with us on our Facebook Page and Twitter.

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