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Critical Warning on cheap Hoverboard


It comes to our attention that extremely dangerous and low-quality hoverboard are entering U.K market through E.U countries which have less quality control requirement then U.K, the dodgy importers now avoiding U.K customs and trading standard control by importing dangerous hoverboard to France or Germany and then importing them to U.K by road.

Therefore please be aware that all these hoverboards are not safe and do not meet U.K safety regulation because low-quality batteries, P.C board and charger being used to keep the cost down for quick profit by irresponsible sellers on eBay.

Please do NOT compromise the safety of your love one for little money, Hoverboard uses high voltage batteries and can be extremely dangerous if low-quality materials are used during manufacturing.

Only buy from U.K registered company who you could hold responsible if something happens, check their brand and company information on U.K government website to make sure they are really registered in U.K

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